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Whereas MoReq2 sought to specify an ERMS in which all of an organisation's records could be managed, MoReq instead defines a common set of core services that are shared by different types of records systems and describes the minimum functionality required of a compliant system. MoReq is modular in approach and will be extended with further modules on specific record formats.

The MoReq Governance Board also intends to introduce a testing and certification programme for suppliers. Increasingly organisations are seeking a framework of software that can support all their needs for content, document, records management and collaboration. AIIM The Global Community of Information Professionals defines Enterprise Content Management as 'the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

ECM covers the management of information within the entire scope of an enterprise whether that information is in the form of a paper document, an electronic file, a database print stream, or even an email. Point Solutions - suppliers offering software pitched at small to medium organisations to address a specific challenge - EDM, WCM, digital image management, and archiving solutions. These are aimed at meeting all the document and records management requirements of a large organisation operating within a regulatory framework that necessitates a high level of records management.

ECM Framework - suppliers offering an ECM Framework integrating a wider range of software to embrace document, content, records, web content and knowledge management, collaboration tools and BPM tools.

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There are numerous software solutions marketed by suppliers to help organisations improve how they manage their electronic information and carry out their business. The type of ERM solution your organisation may choose to adopt should be determined by your range of business activities and the types of records you want to create and share. It will also be influenced by your sector and the regulatory framework within which your organisation operates.

You should have a clear idea of how the solution will fit within your organisation and be sure that the technical architecture meets your business requirements. It is important that records management is built in to any solution at an early stage. It is counter productive to take a reactive approach to records management. Effective records management will not only ensure that you meet any legal and regulatory obligations, but will also improve how your organisation operates by making it easier to locate and retrieve information and conduct business.

The benefits are attained not only from the successful implementation of an effective ERM solution, but in maintaining it over time. The requirements identify the core functions, and specific processes and actions within these functions, which systems must perform in order to meet international records management standards. For organisations that share information across sectors, consideration should also be given to the interoperability of systems and their continuing ability to exchange data in a semantically interoperable manner.

A key element of the Scottish Government's Public Service Reform programme is the collaboration and integration of services. Shared Services is about more than just the centralisation or consolidation of similar activities in one location, it is the convergence and streamlining of similar functions within an organisation, or across organisations, to ensure that they are delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Legacy and proprietary systems can prove a barrier to collaborative working due to the difficulty of integrating and upgrading existing systems to support new service models. One of the challenges to overcome is the continued use of information silos where communication takes place only vertically within departments rather than across organisations and sectors. In order to determine what ERM solution will work best within your organisation you will need to carry out an investigation and risk assessment of your business activities and related record creation and use the findings to draw up a specification of requirements.

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The worst approach would be to buy software and then try to work out what you can use it for. Instead you need to establish a clear picture of what your business and record keeping requirements are at the outset and then look to identify a solution which can meet them. Public sector organisations will usually follow procurement guidelines and select a solution as part of a tender process. The solution you do end up procuring should then be implemented and rolled out as part of a carefully planned project which embraces the whole organisation.

Cimtech's ' Managing Information and Records Guide ' 2. It provides guidance on the development of policies and procedures and information and records management tools, and a checklist of points to consider before implementing a solution. For example, there has been a per cent improvement in productivity in Council Tax and Benefits processing and an even more significant increase of 48 per cent in productivity within Overpayments in Salford City Council. The important intangible benefits include a heightened level of staff satisfaction and motivation Salford City Council, In relation to this, Electronic Records management Systems is important to academic institutions in that sections, departments such as schools, finance, exam centers and students who are need access to these records at any time can access them conveniently from remote locations.

It only needs to be hosted in a central server. This will help in promoting efficiency, effectiveness and quality in work and service delivery.

In terms of records storage, space is an important matter to consider. Electronic Records management System requires only one copy of the record the stored in the system and thus can be accessed by many users from different locations simultaneously. This helps in managing of storage space economy. Requirements pertaining to it are quite diverse and unique.


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Basically, in almost all types of information systems, requirements are categorized into two and they are functional requirements and non-functional requirements. Functional requirements are requirements that an information system must have in order to operate seamlessly. The non-functional requirements are requirements that technically support the operation of the information system. Examples of functional requirements include the computer hardware and software while non-functional requirements include shelter and human workforce.

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It focuses on the study area, research design, study population, sampling techniques and description of the research instruments, data collection, procedures and analysis of data. This area of research is chosen because of its location as it is based near Nairobi Westlands and therefore the researcher will not experience traffic jam on the road during the time of conducting this research. It gives the researcher space to get results for the research from different varied research methods such as questionnaires and interviews hence producing exhaustive and satisfactory results Mixed methods research is the type of research in which a researcher or team of researchers combines elements of qualitative and quantitative research approaches e.

The questionnaires wil have both structured and unstructured predetermined questions. The questionnaires will be hand delivered to the respondents and given a chance to fill them, after which they will be collected for analysis. The researcher will also check through past researches, journals and even textbooks to collect data about the research topic for analysis. This is the process of identifying and picking members of a population as a representation in research, to provide answer to the question being sought.

According to Explorable, Population sampling is the process of taking a subset of subjects that is representative of the entire population. The sample must have sufficient size to warrant statistical analysis.

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The researcher will also take eighty 80 individuals as the total sample population needed to accomplish the intended results for the above research question. This will involve descriptive statistical and non-statistical methods to generate means, modes percentages and frequencies. Data will be cleaned, coded, summarized and analyzed, then presented using tables, graphs and pie charts.

Ethical issues will be observed throughout the study and objectivity will be the main focus of the study.

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