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Majumdar, B. Identification of factors influencing bicycling in small sized cities: a case study of Kharagpur, India. Case Studies on Transport Policy 3 3 , — McGoldrick, P. Examining the changes in car ownership levels in the Greater Dublin Area between and Case Studies on Transport Policy 3 2 , — Mueller, G. Sign Vandalism Detection. Mulley, C. A comparative assessment of six Australian capital cities.

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Image and Vision Computing 27 6 , — R Development Core Team, R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna. Rasdorf, W. Romano, E. Stop sign violations: the role of race and ethnicity on fatal crashes. Journal of Safety Research 37 1 , 1—7. Schattler, K. Safety effects of traffic signing for left turn flashing yellow arrow signals.

Smith, D.

Sign vandalism an estimate of the national cost. In: Mid-continent Transportation Symposium , Ames, Strawderman, L. The effect of design and placement of work-zone warning signs on driver speed compliance: a simulator-based study. Driver behavior and accident frequency in school zones: assessing the impact of sign saturation. Traynor, T. Regional economic conditions and crash fatality rates—a cross-county analysis.

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WorldAtlas, Population of USA States. Worsey, G. Investigation of warning signs for median crossovers. Public Roads 49 4 , — Southampton Safer Schools Project. Harlan, J.

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McDowell Journal of Police Science and Administration 8 4 Heaviside, S. Rowand, C. Williams, and E. Farris Violence and Discipline Problems in U. Schools, Hope, T. School Design and Burglary. Heal and G. Laycock eds. Burglary in Schools: The Prospects for Prevention.

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Butterworth, and P. Hollingsworth Education and Treatment of Children 10 3 National Crime Prevention Council National Education Association National Research Council Fairness and Effectiveness in Policing: The Evidence. Skogan and K. Frydl eds. Nicholl, C.

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Pablant, P. Baxter Environmental Correlates of School Vandalism. Journal of the American Institute of Planners Peel Regional Police Poyner, B. Woburn, Mass. Sadler, W.


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